Sunshine Coast Climbing Guide

By Lee Skidmore, November 1999

Last updated 24 March, 2000


Noosa National Park North Sunshine Beach 


Noosa National Park


Where is it?
If you are in Noosa, the National Park is easy to find. It's located on a big headland right on the sea. To get to the bouldering area, simply walk up the tourist track until you reach the first major lookout. The bouldering area is located below this, so continue to walk up the track for about 100m until you can follow one of the many tracks down and back to the base of the cliff.

problem1.jpg (102105 bytes)

Above: Lee bouldering in Noosa National Park


The climbing
As far as I'm aware, there are no real, established routes (bolting is not permitted, and the rock is iffy anyway), but there are plenty of hard, overhung boulder problems. You could top rope if you really wanted to I suppose.  It's also a great place to go due to the excellent swimming and snorkelling available a stones throw from the crag.



North Sunshine Beach


These areas are two successive headlands which lie on the other (southern) side of Noosa National Park. They are marked on all the decent road maps, so are easy to find. You wouldn't want to walk around the entire headland to get to them, so drive to the suburb of Sunshine Beach, park as far north on the beachfront as possible, and walk along the beach up north.


More than 20 routes were established here in the early 90s. This is all the information I have been able to gather. More would be appreciated.

Cooks County
- Mike and the Mechanic (21)
- Cardiac Ar�te (19)
- Pipeline (16)
- Mambo Man (21)

Next Headland North
This cliff has an abseil approach.
- Grinning, Greased and Gassed (15)
- Fait Accompli (17)
- Sanctimonious Civil Servants (20)